Pipe Organ Pizza

South of Phoenix we stayed in the nicest RV Park that we have been to called the Casa Grande RV Resort. Not only was it a nice place, the people that were staying there were among the nicest we have come across. There were a lot of snowbirds there so they had activities every day.

Our new friends the Jendens (more on them tomorrow) invited us to an trip that a bunch of the residents were going to the next day. Upon asking what it was my heart filled with joy. They were going to a pizza place in Mesa called Organ Stop Pizza that had a pipe organ. I was in like Flynn. How many chances will we get to listen to a pipe organ while we eat pizza?

This Wurlitzer was insane! It was made in 1927. It’s current value is over $5 million and it has over 6000 pipes. It was so surreal to sit there eating pizza while listening to the massive organ play it’s tunes.

The pizza OK and you can’t have any conversations while the music is playing but it was worth going once. 20 years form now when I say remember when we went to the pizza place with the Organ we will all remember.


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