Bright Angel Trail

The Grand Canyon is so grand that we decided to visit it for two days. That’s pretty rare for us to visit the same place twice because we have a lot to see and do.

We hopped on a free bus at the visitors center and rode to the Bright Angel Trail. This is an amazing trail that will take you all the way to the bottom of the Grand Canyon if you are insane enough to try. We are crazy, but not loco enough to take a six year old to the bottom. Especially when the path was covered with ice. It was recommended that we have hiking sticks or a walking staff like Gandalf. We ignored the recommendation.

I’m not a big fan of icy trails next to monster cliffs. This trail felt more like something that a Hobbit would have to walk along to find some amulet that would save the world. Not a fun place for a family hike. There were some nice views though.

We didn’t get far enough to find an amulet that will defeat the Eye of Sauron. We didn’t really even get far enough to deserve a dip into the bag of granola. We did have fun yelling at the people that were going up the path “You Shall Not Pass” in our best Gandalf impression. They ignored our warning. Maybe it was because we didn’t have a staff to slam down.


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