Becoming One With a Squirrel

Join me as we visit the Grand Canyon. The huge scar in the earth created by the mighty Colorado River is immense, vast, colossal, gigantic,…..grand. The size and depth create a sense of wonder.

The multi hued layers go as deep as the eye can see. Look back in time as your eyes drift lower and lower. A literal manifestation of time is shown all at once. The past and the present become one. Time does not move forward in a linear fashion. Time happens all at once. All time is now.

See the beauty. Stare in wonder and feel yourself become one with evertyhing. Breathe in love and peace. Breath out pain and suffering. Lose yourself in the vastness of the universe. There is no spearation between your body , and the earth that surrounds you.

As you walk away from the beauty of the Grand Canyon watch as a squirrel approaches Madelyn, they have become one. All is right in the world.


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