What To Do When It Snows

One of my goals when we left on our trip was to stay away from snow for a year. Don’t get me wrong, I like winter. We get season tickets to ski in Utah every year and I’m from North Dakota where the winters are colder than a tin toilet on an iceberg with a north wind blowing.

That being said, I didn’t want to be in the snow while I lived in a fifth wheel. It just didn’t seem appealing. It turns out my plans of being in the snow didn’t really work out. In November and December we went back to live in Utah while our fifth wheel was repaired and there was snow a plenty. Now we are in Arizona, and snow is falling even though my Weather app predicted sun.

Sometimes life doesn’t go how we expect it to. Sometimes it snows when we expect sun. We have a lot of control over the life that we create. We set goals and work hard towards achieving those goals. It is important for us to dream and work towards those dreams. As we work and grow we become greater and learn a lot about who we are and the greatness within and we control a lot of aspects of our lives.

Even more importantly, our character shows when things don’t go as planned. How do we react when it snows and we don’t expect it? How do we react when we expect a smooth ride and find potholes? How do we react when things don’t work out as planned? It’s easy to work hard when everything is going smooth but how do we react when it snows instead of shines. This is the true test. This is when you are really going to grow. If you find yourself in a snowstorm do me a favor. Bundle up, push through the snowstorm, and find the sun!


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