A Different View of Vegas

Our favorite outing while we were in Vegas was our visit to Red Rock Canyon. The beauty and the contrast of colors was amazing. We did the Calico Tanks hikeand it really wasn’t a trail as much as it was a rock scramble through a canyon.

The views throughout the hike were amazing.

The hike was a little rough for Madelyn and our 13 year old dog. After the 3rd time I lifted our dog above my shoulders she started running away from me and she finally sat down and quit. I stayed with the dog while everyone else went to the top.

Madelyn was a trooper. I was impressed that she made it all the way to the top.

There was a natural pond towards the top and then a view of Las Vegas from afar. It was a great hike. If you are in Vegas, go on a hike in Red Rocks! We loved it.


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