Another Dam Article

This post is full of a lot of Dam pictures, Dam Stories, and Dam facts. I’m sorry if it offends you but what else would you expect from our visit to the Hoover Dam.

One of the facts that they love to tell you about at the Hoover Dam is that is is the biggest man made masonry structure since the pyramids were created. I could not however get anyone to confirm that Aliens helped in the building of the Hoover Dam.

Another fact that they love to spew is that if they used the concrete in the dam to build a road they could run one that is 16 feet wide and 8 inches thick from San Francisco to New York City. I told them if ifs and buts were cherries and nuts then every day would be Christmas.

We took a Dam tour in which they show you what appears to be a Dam propaganda video, followed by a 50 story elevator ride to the Dam power plant. There were cool marble floors everywhere. I was expecting dripping rusty pipes and men with hardhats eating out of metal lunchboxes but it was very clean.

After taking the tour to the power plant we went through the Dam visitor center. Lots of cool interactive stuff about how the Dam electricity is made and how the Dam was built. Nothing about aliens or a pyramid buried under the dam. Regardless, my kids seriously stayed forever.

If you don’t want to do the tour inside you can just walk across the top of the Dam where you get a great view of the Mike O’Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge.

For those of you afraid of heights like me you can look over the edge and imagine yourself falling to your death until you become paralyzed by fear. No such luck for those of you that aren’t afraid of heights.

Reece is one of those that is not afraid of heights so he looked cool as a cucumber as he peered over the edge. If you are in Vegas I would recommend a trip to the Hoover Dam if not for anything else than to tell a lot of Dam jokes.


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