Find Solutions, Not Excuses

How many times have I felt inspired to do something, only to stop trying once I have any adversity show up? This is the thought that kept running through my head as we walked along the Historic Railroad Tunnel Trail in Lake Mead National Park.

We met up with our friends the Boynton’s while we were in Las Vegas and they said they were going to “The Tunnels.” We like tunnels so we decided to tag along.

When they decided to construct the Hoover Dam they found a perfect spot for it but it was out in the middle of nowhere. They were going to need enough cement to make a road 16 feet wide and 8 inches thick that would stretch from San Francisco to New York City. That’s a lot of cement to get to the dam, not to mention all of the other parts and equipment that needed to be transported.

If I was in charge of constructing the Hoover Dam, I might have focused on all of the reasons that building the dam might not work, including how would you get materials to the dam. If the Hoover Dam was one of the projects in my life it might have never been built.

The men who worked on the dam didn’t let it stop them. They built a railroad to the dam. They had to blast through rock and make tunnels before they could even work on the dam. The trail we walked along is where the railroad used to be.

There were beautiful views of Lake Mead and the desert landscape all along the hike.

It was only 1 mile to the first tunnel so even Madelyn was able to walk it without too much trouble. Luckily we weren’t here in the summer or we might have died.

I have started to try to live my life more like those that built the Hoover Dam. I’m not perfect at it but I am striving to change. When I come across obstacles, I try to push forward instead of turn around and give up. We can accomplish great things if we push through adversity and find solutions instead of excuses.


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