What is Your Good Story?

The theme of our blog is living a good story. This is a theme that is quite open to interpretation. Our intention is not to convert people to our current method of living a good story, but rather to inspire people find what their story is and feel the joy of being a creator in their story, whatever it is.

Currently, our good story is living in a fifth wheel and traveling as a family. This will not always be our good story. The amazing thing about a good story is that it always changes. It is fluid. About a year ago we started to feel like we needed to make changes and do something different that would help us grow, change, and participate with our maker in creating the life we live.

From the outside it might have looked to people like we were already living a good story before we embarked on our trip. We weren’t necessarily living a bad story but it was far from a good story. We weren’t changing or growing. Life was acting upon us instead of us acting on life. Would you want to read a story about a character that doesn’t have any kind of story arc? Good stories have characters that change and become different over time. We were stagnant.

We were inspired through prayer and inspiration to do something drastic. We had no idea at the time why we were doing such a crazy thing. I quit my job which reduced our income in half. We rented out our house. We ripped our kids away from their friends. We left a neighborhood and friends that we love. The thing that drove us forward was that we knew we had a new purpose, and that we needed to learn and grow. We knew that we had let the winds of life blow us where they wanted, instead of us living life with a purpose. It was time for us to take part with God in creating our story.

I know a lot of people who are living a good story that might not think they are. If you are fighting through mental and physical sickness, and you don’t give up that can be a good story. Your good story could be working hard and providing for your family. You might have the calling in life to brighten others days with kind words and a smile. I can’t think of a better story than sacrificing for your children and raising them up with love and knowledge. You might see someone in need or something that can make this world better and do it. Many of you are already living your good story. Many might not be.

I am not the judge of who or who isn’t living a good story. I think that is up to each person to determine for themselves. While I have had periods in my life where I was living a good story, I have a had a lot of times where I wasn’t. I think that there are things I can do better to make sure I am living a good story. They might apply to you as well.

Purpose: Do I have a why for what I am doing? It’s hard to have a good story without knowing why we are doing what we are doing.

Intention: Am I intentional with what I need to in order to live a good story, or do I expect a good story to just fall into my lap? It’s hard to live a good story when we aren’t tying to create it for ourselves.

Focus: Is my focus on myself or am I focused on what I can do for God and others? My opinion is that a good story involves others. Very rarely can you live a good story when you are focused only on yourself.

Growth: Am I growing and changing for the better? It is hard to live a good story when you aren’t improving and moving forward.

If you feel like you are being blown about by the winds of life ask yourself these questions and see if you can find ways to improve your own story. You might find that you are already living a good story but you didn’t realize it. You might find that your story is good but it could be better. As your own story improves, it will improve those of the lives around you and we will all lift each other up.


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