Slow Days

Marisa and I have a lot of people ask us what we do on our down days. While our pictures make it seem like we are always on vacation we are still busy with work, school, and chores. Obviously we don’t post pictures of me doing dishes, or Marisa folding laundry because it would be boring. I still wanted to give you an idea of what we do on days that we don’t have outings since so many people have asked.

Essentially we do a lot of the same things we did when we lived in a stick and brick house. We get up and study and pray.

Then we do our morning chores and other errands. Here is a pile of our folded laundry. Fascinating stuff, right?

After our morning chores we do school.

After school we might exercise. We love it when our campgrounds have tennis courts even though we aren’t great at it.

Lately we have had fun whipping out Mason’s quadcoptor.

More of our days are like this. We live our good story like all of you, trying to learn, grow, work, and spend times with those we love. A lot of our days are like they were when we lived in Utah except that we are in a much smaller space.


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