Big Sur: The Edge of the World

Our family has had a lot of people tell us that we need to go to Big Sur while we are in California. It was extraordinarily beautiful. If you have never been there you should know that when people say go to Big Sur, they really aren’t saying to go to a specific location. It’s a region on Highway 1 that starts South of Carmel. There isn’t really an official, “this is Big Sur” area but it extends for about 90 miles south of Carmel. There is a Big Sur Village but if you blink you will miss it.

13 miles south of Carmel we crossed Bixby Bridge. It was built in 1932. Marisa was so excited that she decided to pose next to it. I wondered how sturdy a concrete bridge built in 1932 would be. We decided to cross it despite of it’s age.

There were a lot of places to pull over and enjoy the beauty. Mason had some time to try to solve the Riemann hypothesis. He still hasn’t figured it out but I bet he is close.

We stopped at Pfeiffer beach which was about 12 miles south of Big Sur Village. Some of the sand was purple from manganese garnet in the area.

Every chance we get, Madelyn rolls around in the sand. She was so excited to roll around in purple sand for a change.

The only problem with the beach is the sand that gets in your crevices. Marisa was taking this picture and didn’t realize that Mason was trying to get some of it out. Looks uncomfortable.

There were a lot of tide pools at the beach and we found a lot of crabs and other animals in them. I can’t believe how beautiful this area was.

If you drive through this area make sure to stop at Mcway Falls. There is a small walk to see it but it wasn’t very far. I am so surprised that the water is so blue.

Probably the most beautiful thing I saw the whole day was Maya’s smile. It melts my heart.

Reece is wondering why I brought up the Reimann hypothesis earlier in this post. I don’t have a good reason besides I didn’t know what else to say about the picture of Mason.

The drive down highway 1 was one of the highlights of our trip so far. So much beauty. We will definitely come back.


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