San Juan Bautista Mission

I thought I would give you a history lesson on the San Juan Bautista mission that we had the opportunity to visit.

  • 1797- San Juan Bautista mission established.

  • 1803- First cornerstone of the present church was laid. This is a picture of the chapel. It was so beautiful and Majestic. It is still a working chapel and they do weddings and mass in it.

When they made the tile they would leave them out to dry and animals would walk on them. They would still use the tile.

There is a cemetery next to the church that holds over 4000 Native Americans and Europeans. Not sure how they fit them all there.

  • 1957- Parts of the film Vertigo were filmed on location at the mission. The tall bell tower was added as a special effect but I was able to recognize a lot of the shot locations. The current bell tower is much smaller than what you saw in the movie.

2016- In what would be a culmination of all the history at this mission the Johnson family visits. Marisa took about quiniento (for those of you that don’t speak Spanish that is 5 cientos) pictures of the beautiful doors and arches and our kids in front of them.

We had a really nice time at the mission. It’s not huge but we spent 2 to 3 hour there looking around. It’s always fun to go places that have so much history and beauty. In a future post you will have the opportunity to see us reenact a scene from Vertigo while on location. Then you will know why I never did drama in high school.


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