Butt Trip: Castroville Artichoke

We were having a slow day while in the Moneterey Bay area but we still felt like going out and doing something. It has been a while since we have gone on a butt trip. Click here to learn more about our butt trips.

This butt trip had some potential as we were basically driving 40 minutes to see an artichoke the size of a building. I was excited for lots of eye rolling and wailing and gnashing of teeth from the young’uns.

The artichoke was gigantic. There is a fruit and vegetable stand and a deli attached. The fruit stand was no bueno. The stuff didn’t seem very fresh and appealing. There were a lot of people getting sandwiches from the Deli. We noticed they had fried artichokes. I felt that if we didn’t eat fried artichokes next to a Behemoth lime green artichoke statue we would regret it for the rest of our lives. However, I also worried that if the fried artichokes were yummy, the kids would enjoy the butt trip which would defeat the purpose. I decided to risk it.

Luckily the artichokes were just OK. I think that almost anything deep fried is going to be palatable. These were good but I wouldn’t go back to get them so the kids continued with their downtrodden nature.

As far as Butt Trips go, this one was a little below average. The drive was long but it is very green and beautiful in this area so we didn’t have a lot of pain there. The kids didn’t have to learn anything. Marisa and I didn’t have any long winded lectures or stinky food for the kids to suffer through. The artichoke was awesome and it’s just off the freeway so I would recommend stopping for the photo op if you are by Castroville. The overall rating for this but trip was a 33 out of 67.

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