Stout Grove, A Walk Among the Giants

It was hard for us to leave Ashland, Oregon as we felt that we could stay there for weeks. We might have stayed, but we had an appointment to meet friends in Crescent City, California. Mary and Tommy are fellow full-time travelers and Marisa went to High School with them. They knew the Crescent City area really well and they took us to Stout Grove in Jedediah Smith State Smith State Park. Jedediah Smith should not be confused with Jebediah Springfield.

The hike is only half a mile (more of a walk) but it took us through the most peaceful grove of Redwood trees. Since this was our first time seeing Redwoods up close and personal we were awestruck by the giant trees. I was literally speechless. There isn’t any way to describe what its like to be next to such massive living things. It was a spiritual experience.

Even with the beauty of the hike, the highlight of the day was meeting Tommy and Mary and their family. I have mentioned this before and I probably will again since it seems to be one of the major themes of our trip, the people we meet are the thing we will probably remember more than anything else. We were only together for a few hours but we felt a strong bond with this family that I had never met and Marisa hadn’t seen since high school. We are so blessed to be able to see so much of God’s beauty, and meet so many wonderful people.

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