Crescent Beach

A lot of the coastline in Northern California is pretty rough. There are beautiful views of the ocean crashing violently into cliffs in many spots but for a non local it’s hard to find beaches to hang out on. Surprisingly, our kids are not as much about the vistas, and more about the action. They want to feel the sand beneath there feet and experience the cold salty water. We found a good beach in Crescent City appropriately named Crescent Beach. The temperature was in the sixties the whole time we were there, so we were the only ones on the beach.

The beach is very flat and so it was perfect for skim boarding. We bought a few skim boards at a local sporting goods store and spent 2 separate afternoons on the beach. Everyone tried there hand at skim boarding. We built sand castles, collected rocks and shells, and Madelyn spent a lot of time finding treasures. She was fascinated with the sand dollars and spent a lot of time examining them. The dogs had a great time going in the water. It was fun watching them frolic in the waves. It was not as fun having wet dogs with us on our way back to our campground.

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