Ashland Oregon is Marisa’s Dream Town

Our next stop after Mt Ashton was Ashland, Oregon. So far, this has been our favorite town to visit. This small town has a lot going on. We are quite a bit behind on our posts so I am going to force feed Ashland to you all in one post. Here is what we found there.

Art Galore

The first Friday of every month there is an art walk downtown. We were lucky enough to attend October’s art walk. There are a plethora of art galleries in Ashland so you just walk from gallery to gallery and view beautiful art. Many of the artists were there and we were able to talk to them. The kids liked the fact that many of the galleries hors d’oeuvres. It was an especially fun night for Marisa and I. The kids met Liza Hamilton who does needle felt art and we were all amazed at her sculptures. We bought some supplies and they have loved making there own needle felt animals. You can see her creations here

Mountain Biking

Ashland sits up against the base of Mount Ashland. We drove close to the top and Marisa, Mason, and Reece rode 10 miles from the top and ended up in town. The guy at the bike shop said that the trails were pretty “gnar.” Gnar is what the cool kids say for gnarly. Reece agrees with this assessment, and has the road rash on his face to prove it. Marisa says she rode like a granny and was a little over her head since it was only her 3rd time going out and she had some 2 foot drop offs. Mason said it was fun.

Live Music

Every night we were there was live music. It’s funny how even when I don’t really love a style of music, when I hear it live I like it.

Lithia Park

Lithia Park is located downtown. It is a beautifully kept park with a pond, a playground, walking trails, and it was so green and beautiful. We especially enjoyed the free spirits doing acro yoga in the park. After seeing it we started practicing it. Pretty soon we will be a traveling acro yoga family. There is also some water fountains of pure lithia. It is some sort of natural occuring mineral water that tastes like sadness, rotten egg, fear, and regret.

Farmers Market

There is a farmer’s market several times a week near Lithia Park. We bought a variety of goods there. The ground cherries were a nice surprise. They started off tasting like cherries but ended tasting like a tomato. We did buy a bunch of cherry tomatoes for Madelyn as she eats them like candy. We bought some tomatoes, kimchi, and hummus from some local purveyors as well.

Natural Food

We decided that while we were in Ashland we needed to get some natural foods so we stopped at and had some raw organic sprouted essential pie. Three flavors to choose from. Chocolate orange, chocolate mint, and cinnamon coconut. It was actually really good. I need to get the recipe since Marisa has an essential oil business and we have a lot of access to oils.

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