Mt Shasta and the End of The World

I was led to believe that the end of the world was going to occur on September 27th, 2015 after the fourth blood moon. On the potential last day on earth, we ended up in Mt. Shasta California, which was a great place to welcome in Armageddon. There is a nice end of the world vibe in the town that has the awe inspiring Mt Shasta looming over it. According to the The United States Geological Survey, Mount Shasta is a dormant volcano that will likely erupt in the future and rates it as a very high threat volcano. How is that for an apocalyptic harbinger? In fact, it seems that a good portion of the people in Mt. Shasta think the end is so near that they have stopped showering and combing their hair, not that there is anything wrong with that. Even with the looming threat hanging over them, we met some of the nicest people there.

We drove up Mt. Shasta to Panther Meadows to watch the red moon rise. We set out a blanket, and I couldn’t help but sing Dead Moon Night to myself as we waited.

You might ask why I sang it to myself instead of out loud. The answer my friend is that Marisa hates Dead Moon so I try not to agitate her with the obvious beauty of their songs. As the sun went down and the red moon rose over the mountain my wonderful children said “Can we go now?” The whole event brought tears to my eyes.

As we drove back down the mountain my eyes were in my rearview mirror watching for a pyroclastic cloud to envelop us and bring on the end. It didn’t happen. The world didn’t end…..but it still could. Live your life like it might be your last day. You never know when it will be.

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