Humboldt County Museum

While we were in Winnemucca we read some great reviews of the Humboldt museum. Our children have requested that we not go to museums. We decided to go regardless of their feelings. We are, after all, parents.

The Humboldt museum was interesting. When you go to museums on a slow Thursday afternoon in a small town, you are often the only ones there. This was the case for our visit. The curator was extremely nice and he gave us what I would call the red carpet treatment. He took us from building to building and knowledge gushed out of him. The museum has a main building and then several buildings that have been moved onto the museum grounds. We visited an old church, a midwife’s house, and an old barber shop. The buildings were similar to some of the buildings we saw in Nevada City, Montana.

The main part of the museum had a decent car and buggy collection. The second floor had some rocks and minerals, native american artifacts, a gun collection, and the pièce de résistance, mastodon bones. The Mastodon was the family favorite. It was displayed how it was found near Winnemucca. All I could think of as I looked at the ribs was how yummy some Flintstone size mastodon ribs might be. I could probably gnaw on one of those babies for 3 days. If you find yourself in Winnemucca for 5 days like we did, visit the museum. All that they ask is a donation to keep the museum running.

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