Don’t Judge a City by How it Looks From the Freeway

Today’s lesson is on not judging a book by its cover. The new saying we have in our family to replace is it is don’t judge a city from how it looks from the freeway. At the risk of offending the multitude of Winnemuccans (or is it Winnemuccaites) that follow our blog, I want to tell you about why I now heed that saying.

We have lived in the Salt Lake, City area for 18 years and so we have had a lot of opportunities to travel through Nevada on I-80 on our way to California. We would pass cities on the freeway and I would think to myself that I would never want to live in Nevada. That feeling was never stronger than when I would drive by (never stopping unless we needed gas) Winnemucca. A song would dance through my head as I passed the freeway signs to the tune of The Old Laughing Lady by Neil Young. “ Don’t stop in Winnemucca, cause it’s yucka yucka.” I know, I’m not normal.

As we sat down in Salt Lake to plan on how to get to Crater Lake we realized to our horror that Winnemucca was halfway between Crater Lake and Salt Lake. We decided that we would have to stop there for a few days as I didn’t want to haul Rex all the way to Klamath Falls in one day.

We stayed in the Winnemucca Wal-Mart parking lot the first night as we got in town pretty late and my opinion of Winnemucca didn’t change much. Then the next day we drove around and found this awesome spot to boondock (no RV hook-ups) on BLM land and my opinion started to change. We were up in a canyon, all alone, surrounded by trees and next to a stream bed. It was so beautful that we decided to stay for a week. We relaxed in our camp spot, caught up on school and work, and we even ended up having some great experiences that I will tell you about over the next few posts.

Our family has changed our views. Don’t judge a city by how it looks from the freeway. It’s easy to judge when you are driving by with a cursory glance. As you explore and give it a chance you might find that it is better than your expectations.

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