A Tale of Regret

After living it up in Idaho and Montana for 3 weeks we traveled back to Salt Lake City so Marisa and I could attend a doTERRA convention. We stayed at The Willows campground for the second time on our trip. While there, we met up with the Boynton family who we seem to be following around. You saw them in our video when we were tubing the Portneuf. Rod invited us to go with him to Corner Canyon in Draper, Utah. That’s where my tale of regret and woe begins. I hope you can learn from it. I hope I can remember what I learned from it.

I have always tried hard to be a good father and husband and spend quality time with my family. Some of my early career decisions were made because I didn’t want to be away from them as much as jobs required. However, I fall short in many ways. Here is one of them.

For the last 5 years, Reece has been into mountain biking and he has helped his brothers and sisters become more interested in it as well. He has a lot of great friends whose fathers were willing to take him out mountain biking and one of their favorite areas was Corner Canyon, specifically Rush trail. I always neglected to take him. I assumed that he didn’t really want me to go and was just being nice. I thought there were a lot of things I could do around the house. I was sure that I would just slow everyone down and my pride would take a hit. I feared breaking my neck. I didn’t go because of a perceived lack of time, fear, and pride.

We had a great time at Corner Canyon. Rush was awesome and it was great to see Reece, Mason, and the Boynton family have so much fun. I enjoyed it so much that I wish I could do it more often. It’s ironic that now I am traveling the country and I wish that I could go to Corner Canyon more. It used to be 30 minutes from our house and I never took advantage of it.

While we were at the doTERRA conference we had a chance to hear a talk from the first female fighter pilot in the Navy, Carey Lohrenz. She challenged us to do one thing we fear every day. I have tried to take that to heart and over the last few weeks I feel like I have had a lot of experiences I otherwise wouldn’t have as I try to face my fears.

My challenge to you is to make sure that you don’t let time, fear, or pride get in the way of experiencing life and accomplishing those things that are important. I regret missing out on the opportunities to spend time with my boys at Corner Canyon, but I hope that I can learn from it and make sure that I am focusing on what is important in the future

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