Where Should We Go Next?

I have given some of the pros and cons to two potential destinations below. Please read through them and then vote on the poll to decide where we should go next.

Lewis and Clark Caverns and Virginia City, Montana


  • Michael is the only person that has been to these two locations

  • Children have loved other caves we have visited

  • More opportunities to say the word “spelunking”

  • We can pan for gold in Virginia City so Marisa can finally get a gold tooth for her grill

  • Cheaper camp sites


  • More Caves = More Guano

  • The crushing, breathtaking feeling that comes when you think about all of the earth above you while in a subterranean cavern

  • We have heard that all the women have to wear petticoats in Virginia City and we don’t have room for them in the RV

Yellowstone Park and Jackson Hole Wyoming


  • Liquid Hot Magma

  • If West Yellowstone explodes while we are in it we won’t have to try to survive the subsequent nuclear winter

  • More of a worldwide destination

  • Awesome wildlife

  • Rotten egg smell from the sulfur covers up the stench when we run out of water in the RV


  • We have all been to both places several times

  • When Michael sees Old Faithful he has an inexplicable urge to jump in it to see if it is hot as claimed

  • More expensive campsites

  • More alien abductions per capita in Wyoming than Montana (please don’t ask me for a source for this fact)

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