The Old Men and the RV

Our first day on the road we stayed in our neighborhood until 4 pm until we decided we finally needed to head out and get a taste of the open road, the wind beneath our wings, and the terror of pulling a semi rig sized monstrosity behind us. After getting up the courage, we decided to go camping at Jordanelle, by Heber City Utah. We are friends with the Boynton family who already lives in their RV full time (there are other crazy people besides us) and that’s where they were staying. We drove to the campground without incident, other than the fact that my Fitbit shut down because it was sensing too many heartbeats per minute. The poor thing couldn’t keep up with the racing cardiac muscle nestled within my heaving chest

Once we arrived we realized we didn’t have levels for our tires, or really even know how to unhook and set up camp. I youtubed a video on how to drive a fifth wheel, but forgot to watch one on how to park a fifth wheel. It was hard to get our rig into the camp spot. There was a lot of reversing and going back and forth trying to park it correctly. There were two nice retired gentleman that were kind enough to help me, and even lend me some levelers to put under my tires. I don’t know what I would have done without them. Thy were so kind and understanding. I believe that they were an answer to our prayers. When I told

them this was it was my first night on a year-long trip with my family they acted shocked, and I think I saw a bit of pity in their eyes. It seemed that they looked away before their gaze gave away too much of what they knew lay ahead.

We stayed at Jordanelle for 2 nights and spent most of the time organizing the RV, doing maintenance, and lying in the fetal position because we knew that we were going to have to move the fifth wheel again in the near future. It didn’t help my anxiety when Mason pointed out the dam on the other side of the campground holding back an unimaginable amount of water from rushing over us. The last night there, as I fell asleep, I couldn’t help but wonder if I would rather have the dam break, ending our lives quickly, or drive again the next day putting my precious family in the hands of a man (me) that has no experience living on the road.


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