We are exhausted and still haven’t had a chance to relax yet as we are doing errands and organizing the 5th wheel but we wanted to update everyone on what’s going on in our life. Mainly, we want you to know we are still alive.

It’s hard going off the grid. The last few months we have looked at every single possession and item in our house and decided if they are garbage, good will, or storage. We rented a 10×10 storage unit for things we couldn’t get rid of like food storage, photos, old hard drives, and Legos. Our Legos happen to be one of our prized possessions. It’s harder emotionally than one would think to pare down your possessions. It’s also hard physically to transport everything you own to storage, good will, or the dump. It’s especially hard when you drop the piano you sold to your neighbors on your ankle while moving it the week before launch. Don’t worry about me, I’m OK.

Friday, our friends Jason and Sally did a going away party for us in our neighborhood. We were able to see a lot of our close friends. We love our neighbors and friends. We will miss them dearly as we travel. Some people have asked, if we love it so much where we live, then why are we leaving. The best answer I have is that we are following what we believe we have been inspired to do. It is hard to leave the comfort of where we live and a good job but it is also good to do hard things in life. I have a feeling that doing hard things is going to become a common theme for us on this adventure.

After staying up until 2 AM on Friday getting our house ready for our renters, we hooked up our truck to the motor home for the first time. We were too busy to take the 5th wheel on any practice runs and we didn’t get a truck with the hitch on it until 2 days before launch. I will post a clip of our first hookup in the near future. Let’s just say that I was so nervous about hooking the truck up, that I left it in drive when I got out to check if I was lined up correctly. FYI, when you leave trucks in drive, and then hop out of them, they tend to drive off by themselves. I had to chase the truck down and jump in. This led to a large decline in the confidence I had that we will survive this trip.

We took the fifth wheel to a nearby church in order to practice driving it around. I felt like something was sketchy with the wheels on the trailer so I took it back through our neighborhood to have our friend Rich look at it. He verified that we there was nothing wrong and that I was paranoid. Paranoia might end up being another common theme for our trip. Within 2 hours of leaving our home we were back in the neighborhood and we had some errands to run. We were so tired from the week of preparing to go that we left our fifth wheel there and swam at our neighbors Jason and Sally’s until 4. More on our first camp experience tomorrow.

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