Blabber Mouth Plumber

Ok, maybe they are known for 2 things; Images like this one, and for fixing your plumbing. They are NOT generally known for being blabber mouths. Well ours was! We have kept our plans a secret because Michael would like to keep his job until our house goes under contract. It could put him in jeopardy of losing his job earlier than we wish, or put him in an awkward situation at work if they find out he is going to be quitting soon. So, we haven’t told anyone about our plans except for close family AND the plumber. Don’t ask me why I told the plumber, I guess I thought it didn’t matter, that he doesn’t know me. Who is he going to tell? Our next door neighbor, that’s who. A few weeks after he did work for us, he did work for them and asked if we had moved yet. OOPS. The word is leaking out, thanks to a leaky mouthed plumber.


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