Our Current Chapter

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reece saturday school

In 2015 we embarked on a year long RV trip around the United States. To learn more about that, you can check out our YouTube channel where we vlogged the last 3 months of our trip. We got home to Utah September 2016 and we weren't sure what we were going to do next. We didn't feel that it was the end of our traveling and adventure seeking, yet we felt that there would be an even greater purpose this time.


In October, Marisa went on a humanitarian trip to Ecuador where she met the Operation Underground Railroad director of aftercare, Jessica Mass. Michael and Marisa are very passionate about rescuing and helping children who have been sexually trafficked and have regularly donated time and money to Operation Underground Railroad to help rescue kids. Marisa asked Jessica what she could do to help assist O.U.R. with the aftercare of children. Not knowing our background she said, "Well, you can move to South America for a year and work with aftercare centers." It definitely was not what she was expecting, it was WAY better than expected.

Marisa thought over proposition for about 3 seconds and replied. "I'm almost positive we are willing to do that, let me just text my husband really quick." Marisa texted Michael about the opportunity and he texted immediately, "I'm in, when do we start?" Marisa burst into tears because she knew that this was the next adventure, and it was a cause that was so near and dear to her and Michael's hearts.

We went through a series of interviews, background checks, and other requirements from O.U.R. and we left for South America March 2017. We are keeping our exact location somewhat private for the safety of our family. We have outlined a few of the projects we are working on.

Ongoing Projects

We have nicknamed this neighborhood "the village." The kids here live in extreme poverty, the average household income is equivalent to about $100 US per month. These kids are highly targeted by traffickers because their families are unable to enroll them in school either because they can't afford the uniforms and supplies, or their kids are undocumented. We are working on getting 25 kids O.U.R. scholarships and enrolled in school. Since many of these kids have never been to school, they are unable to read or write. We are assisting with a literacy program. The kids that are enrolled in school can catch up to grade level reading. The kids that are unable to attend school at this time now have the opportunity to learn to read.


 Aftecare center #1 is beautiful, peaceful, and we love working there weekly. This home is for both women and children survivors and have lovingly agreed to take in children that O.U.R. rescues.  Not only do they give them a safe place to live, but they provide them with therapy, child care services, education, job training, and a paying job. They have asked us to teach English classes, tourism is a majo